Monday, December 28, 2009

8 and 12 days

Sammy: at 8 days old you weighed 8lbs 11oz. Good eating. At 12 days you outgrew your newborn sized clothing. Actually you probably were always too tall, you just happened to keep your legs stretched out at day 12.

Harmon: at 8 days old you ate an entire pizza by yourself. At 12 days you tied your shoes. Or just looked like you could.

It's weird having an actual baby-looking baby.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Today Harmon climbed up onto the couch by himself. Life as we know it is probably over. Especially since today is the first day I am at home with both kids by myself.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the Womb

Having babies so close together gives me the distinct pleasure of comparing the two with a moderately fresh memory. I have been thinking lately about how different Harmon and Baby Niña have been while living on the inside. So here are a few notes for my sake on the difference between the two.

-Sick: made me barf, nausea, real tired
-Food: starving, if I didn't eat = throw up, woke up in the night every night to eat, voracious appetite
-Movement: Active, feet placed in upper right rib cage, constantly pushing. You pushed on them, they pushed you right back. A sign of things to come? Surely it was.
-Carrying: Huge. Heavy. Wide. Heavy. Stretch marks on the sides. Ugh.
-Lateness: Very tardy. Two weeks late. Liked what I called "The Oreo Pipeline"

Baby Niña:
-Sick: somewhat nauseous, real tired, but not as tired as H
-Food: it's ok. I'm not starving like last time.
-Movement: Not as active. She was more gentle, but as of late has taken to shoving her butt up in my upper right rib cage. Apparently my upper right rib cage is an awesome place to be. She doesn't fight back, which I am assuming means she will be way more stubborn/into doing her own thing than her brother is willful/likes to do the opposite of what you say.
-Carrying: Moderately huge. Much more out in front. 5 lbs lighter than with Harmon.
-Lateness: who knows when she is supposed to come out. She must be hooked on "The Hot Chocolate IV"

I'm sure there is more, but that's all I remember for the moment.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tooth #11

12/1: tooth #11 appears as the bottom right molar. tooth #12 coming soon. good times had by all (after orajel administered)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teeth and Trouble

Warning, this post will be boring to you, but good for my record keeping.

11/19: Tooth #9 top left molar

11/20 email to Aaron:
1. Climbed on top of his train to reach the VCR
2. Climbed on top of his two chairs and then layed on them
3. Went down for a nap but then I heard the curtain being pulled
open. Crib moved sides of room.
4. Currently is in the kitchen pulling the clean cookie pans I just
put away out.
5. Gotta go, I hear the candy drawer.

11/29: Tooth #10 top right molar

Words he loves to say:
-gobble gobble (semi-intelligible)
-go (go go!)
-animal noises:
dog: wow wow wow
monkey: ooh ooh ahh
dinosaur: raaaaaaaaah
owl: who who
turkey: gobble gobble
elephant: bwooo
duck: quack quack
sea lion/otter/whatever: ar ar ar
bird: ca cah

Toys he loves: hippo car, dinosaur, balls, cars, books, boats in bath, block towers

Clapping, patty-cake, twinkle twinkle little star hand motion, tub splashing and swimming, wrestling/pillow-fighting Aaron

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Very Hungry Caterpillar

So Harmon loves books, and currently is into The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I think he loves it both because he loves to eat and putting your finger in the holes of the food while making a smacking sound is pretty fun.

This morning he was playing with Aaron's notebook and was making smacking sounds while pretending to draw on it with a pen. I thought it was funny, but then realized he was putting his fingers in the holes of the notebook, just like the caterpillar. Aaron and I had a good giggle.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harmon: 1, Baby Proofing: 0

So Friday Aaron put some latches on the important dangerous cupboards, like the kitchen trash and bathroom with the cleaning products. The rubber band child proofing just wasn't cutting it anymore.

It took Harmon one day to figure out how to open them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Danger on the loose

Sunday Harmon decided to stand up by himself not holding on to anything. Then later he took his first real steps. Now he loves to practice walking several steps at a time. I have a feeling lots more babyproofing is about to be in order.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What H is up to this month.

At a year old here is what he is up to:

-Not walking (which is fine by me!)
-Destroying everything with a smile on his face
-Eating everything
-Fighting mom about naps
-Playing with his M&M tin, snapping it together and asking to have it taken apart repeatedly
-Pushing cars around
-Climbing on things
-Growing more painful teeth at the same time
-Playing with the parachute
-Kissing the baby in my belly
-Beating the drum (his tummy)
-Saying "cah" with a grunt for car, "cah" high pitched for birds (like all the crows around here)
-Loving "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus" still, and saying "back" the page before the driver comes back
-Loving reading all books
-Loving the bath, especially squirting toys
-Trying to escape to the outside, or persuading Dad to take him
-Checking the mail
-Ripping paper into very tiny pieces, then making sure Mom is watching then shoving it in his mouth

And some other things. That I may or may not add when I remember them.

A Morning to Remember

Sunday morning Harmon was still sleeping at 9am. This is unheard of. Of course he did wake up around 6:30 and come to our bed, but he showed no signs of waking thereafter. Lois, Robert, and Kenya were about to leave, so Aaron and I got up to say goodbye, leaving Harmon in our bed to continue his luxurious sleep. We were all sitting or standing around chatting quietly when all of a sudden we hear a high "uhhh?" which really means "hello, I am awake, please come retrieve me!". The unusual part was that it was much louder and less muffled than it should have been, and when Robert looked down the hall he saw Harmon who had managed to get down off the bed without a thud or crying (oh, my safety instructions are working!) open the mostly closed door, and was crawling into the hall. We all had a good laugh, and I wanted to write it down just so I don't forget how funny it was to us.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Hard To Remember

Sometimes it's hard to remember to enjoy the moments that are quickly passing.

Like when your child is fighting you about going to bed, and demands that you break your back bending over his crib to rub his back until he falls asleep 45 minutes after he should already be in dreamland.

Or when your child just wants to be held in the store, because the shopping cart isn't so comfy, never mind that you happen to be almost 8 months pregnant.

One day he won't want me to rub his back. One day he won't want or need to be held.

It's hard to remember, but it's important.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Word, Painful Teeth, and Toys

Yesterday Harmon started saying "catch" pretty clearly during our day long game of throwing and catching his yellow spikey football. Obviously his love of the game runs deep, because every time I would want to stop playing, he would use his cute new word to lure me back in. Smart kid.

He's got his molars all coming in, I expect the bottom ones to break any day now. At least I hope so.

Besides football, he is into pushing his train around and around the room. And playing with the big plastic coins from his garage sale piggy bank.

Right now he is trying to type and growling "gooooo goooo gahhhhhhhh".

And also, yesterday he finally stood by himself for a good 10 seconds. Someday he may actually think about walking.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Turns out I'm the baby

Last night when Harmon woke up at 10:15 I went in to settle him back to sleep. As I was cuddling him in my arms I finally had that feeling. The one where you think: my baby is not so little anymore, and I'm a bit sad. And when his baby sister comes, he really won't be the baby at all. It was bittersweet.

Dear Baby Niña

Baby Niña,

Please stop dancing in my belly every time I lay down. When I lay down, I am trying to sleep. You can dance all the rest of the day, I won't even mind if you dance on my bladder. Your brother's naptime is short enough. Thanks for your understanding.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Gifts

1. Tooth #8 finally busted through on 9/11/09. It proceeded to give us several nights of multiple wakings and tears.

2. A cold, from Harmon to me.

3. A fat lip, from Harmon to me.

4. Harmon practicing standing on his own a bit. Falling and crying are sweet gifts from this.

5. Baby nina dancing on my bladder non-stop.

So sweet :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Harmon seems pretty set on trying to bust his face open this week. Sunday just before church started he was crawling around on the floor and suddenly started crying and looked up and blood was spewing from his mouth. I whisked him off to the kitchen where I rinsed his mouth. He had a nice fat lip and a big cut on the gums right above his two front teeth. He stopped crying pretty quick, but Aaron and I were pretty traumatized. Especially since he kept re-opening it all through church. It looked better later in the day and we decided we'd just keep an eye on it and if it looked bad then we would go to the dentist. It seemed to be healing fine.

This morning he was playing like usual, crawling around, pulling up (successfully) on everything, until he got cocky and was carelessly pulling himself up on the coffee table. It's usually so easy and it seemed he thought he could just use one hand. Turns out he slipped and crashed his face right into the coffee table. Top front teeth. Again. Blood. Again. Lots. Parental freak out, as the crying was pretty intense. After a mouth rinse and a calm down we looked and he has a scab/blood blister under his top two left teeth. It's pretty big. So again we begin to watch it, and maybe go to the dentist. Ugh.

For some reason babies breaking their teeth out of their head is one of my biggest fears. You know, arms heal, bumps and bruises are fine, but teeth seem to be hard to fix. So I'm nervous, but I'm sure we will get it worked out...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Thank You Napping

Today I put Harmon down for his morning nap, and as often happens he fussed for a while until I came back in. As I opened the door he was in the middle of pulling himself up on the side of the crib, something he has yet to figure out he can do (despite pulling himself up on EVERYTHING else (like Aaron's leg hair) for the past several weeks). It was so funny that I laughed and Harmon looked up and saw me and stopped fussing and laughed too. We called for Aaron and all had a good laugh. Aaron will be lowering the mattress this week.

Black Tooth Spot

Yesterday morning I noticed a black spot on Harmon's bottom middle tooth/in the gums. I didn't get a good look at it at first, and assumed it was just food or something. Later Aaron and I pinned him down and took a better look. A weird black spot in his gums right below the tooth. Surely it wasn't rot, because we brush right?

There was the possiblity of damage from the day before when he fell on his face and split his lip (not badly, just enough to notice but not bleed. Face plants are pretty common these days.) Aaron and I freaked out at this possibility, and vowed to watch it for a bit then take him to the dentist. Maybe it was just a blood blister from the fall?

Then even later we pinned him down again and I massaged his gums and it came out! I thought perhaps it was pepper from the corn on the cob Harmon was eating the night before, but Aaron claims it was too big. That's still my best guess.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pulling to standing produces tears. Of parents?

Today Harmon was playing in a laundry basket while Aaron and I were eating lunch, and he pulled himself up to standing for the first time. We both rejoiced while he tipped over, being caught by Aaron right before his face would have met the floor. We then further rejoiced, almost to the point of our own tears. We are such freaks.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pre-Dinner Torture

Yesterday I made the unfortunate mistake (just like last week) of going to the grocery store right before dinner. Now as we all know this has dire consequences on the bill, because suddenly everything including that tub of ben and jerry's on sale is necessary instead of possibly quite enjoyable. But I digress. I have heard the trauma and plight of other parents taking their children to the grocery store, the kids begging for things and putting things in their cart, opening packages, etc. But I thought I had a while before this started. You know, at least until Harmon could point or recognize what the Lucky Charms box looks like. I was wrong. The worst part is always the end in the produce section. I put in bananas, he hollers for them. I grab a cantaloupe and it's like I'm pinching him. I put in the holy blueberries and it appears to those around me that I have just smacked my child upside the head for all the screaming he has started.

Two lessons learned:
1. I am grateful my child loves (and can apparently recognize) fruit
2. Don't go to the store before anyone's mealtime, even if they are only 9 months old

Monday, August 3, 2009

Here Comes Trouble

Long Bean is using his skills for evil now. And when I say skills I mean he still uses his arms locked together to drag his body, but in the back is up on his knees propelling him forward faster than his arms. It's quite silly really. But now he is using his skills to crawl through the entertainment center and get to the cords, quickly get to and try to eat plastic grocery bags that have yet to be emptied, and tip over any laundry basket or bin he can get his hands on. And we love it. I don't think I've seen parents so excited about their child's destruction. I will just have to remind myself that when he is destructing and I have another child to tend to as well.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thanks for the reminder

Harmon often reminds me to do things I forget:

Scratches me to let me know it's time to cut his nails.

Knocks over/kisses/hits with toys the framed pictures leaning against the wall to let me know that 2 1/2 months is long enough to not put them up.

Gets poop on his changing pad so I remember to wash it.

Finds cheerios and pieces of plastic on the floor to help me see it's time to vacuum.

He is a good helper.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maybe Naked is Not Best

Yesterday we spent time at grandmas to use her AC and pool. It was lovely. Harmon spent some time naked in the pool and once just before thought it was a good idea to pee all over Aaron. Then after getting out, he thought it was a good idea to pee on me. Lastly the night before last we had him naked after swimming in our baby pool in the yard waiting to take a bath. We had blankets down just in case. In case happened. You would think that we would learn that naked H = getting peed on.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Words...Sort of...

Current words Harmon can say when he feels like it:

Bye bye
Khhhh (kick)
Baba (banana or any sweet fruit)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kickity Kick Kick

Harmon's new favorite game seems to be kicking the ball. He will even say "kkkkkkk" when you play it with him. If you bring him to the ball he will move his feet around until he makes contact, but his favorite is when you swing him by the arms to do a monster kick across the room.

Meanwhile little sister is kicking the inside of my belly. Her 3cm feet aren't hurting me... yet.

Monday, July 20, 2009

For Aaron

You wanted to remember this for when Harmon is a teenager and driving you crazy:

H taking a bath in very little water, splashing thinking he was swimming all by himself, and army crawling around, managing to stick his finger in the little hook and pull up the drain plug. His infectious laughter, his big grin, and of course his sweet sweet mullet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Poo Chair

*Gross story alert*

So Harmon has this exersaucer toy that he has never spent much time in. He used to love it when he was first introduced, but as he got bigger he seemed to want to get out as soon as he got in. But for almost the entire time of it's use, he will be in it for a few minutes then decide to get his business done (maybe in a ploy to get free quicker?) So we lovingly say we are going to put him in his poo chair.

Today after lunch Aaron changed Harmon's wet diaper and put him in the poo chair. Not to poo, just to be entertained for a few minutes. A very short few minutes later I turned to Aaron and complained about the smell. He looked over at Harmon, said "OHHHHHHHHHHH!" and even though I was thinking he was complaining about the stinking, I looked at Harmon too.

Poo everywhere. All over his feet, the bottom part of the exersaucer, legs, etc. He was dancing in his own poo (and looked quite content). We screamed and laughed and then into the bath for Harmon and into the front yard for a hosing and lysoling for the exersaucer.

Did I mention how there was poo ALL OVER but NONE on his onesie, and only a bit on his pants? Aaron claims exemption from changing any more diapers based on the fact that he had just put one on (quite poorly) and there was poo everywhere as a result. Sadly for him he is not so lucky. But he will be sure to make those diapers tighter next time.

Good work Harmon for your second explosion of your life, the first right after you were born. And good job poo chair, you really earned your name today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harmon Loves

-playing with paper. especially ripping it. junk mail days are his favorite.
-screeching like a loud loud eagle.
-making snake sssssss noises.
-turning on and off the dimmer light switches. regular ones confuse him.
-chewing on the binky he's never liked to suck on.
-blueberries, cherries, strawberries, brown rice cooked in chicken broth, roast beef sandwiches, string cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, multi-grain cheerios, bread, spaghetti with red sauce, graham crackers, anything his parents have in their hands.
-knocking over block towers.
-army crawling for pens or cherries.
-holding the bumble ball on his belly so it shakes him violently.
-going for walks with dad.
-touching plants.
-dogs. especially when they lick his hands, he laughs a lot. sick.
-bathing, swimming.
-brushing his teeth.
-uncle C.
-not sleeping.

Before I forget, Another tooth

Tooth number seven appeared on (early) Saturday morning. It's the one on the bottom one left of center. It has been bugging Harmon (all of us!) for a long while, we all rejoiced it's arrival.

For the baby book: the date was 7/11/09
(like this will ever make it to the baby book. so funny.)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learning to share

Ok, so I suppose since Harmon didn't really know he had a blog, he won't be slighted by the fact that I have already decided to give half of it away to his unborn baby sibling. I just figured that since I am days away from being halfway pregnant, and days away from knowing ALF's gender, I should overtake this blog and turn it into a real mommy blog. That means I not only get to brag about how amazing I think Harmon is, but I can complain about ALF making me uncomfortable and preventing me from sleeping on my stomach and back because ALF is already so stinkin heavy feeling in there.

So, welcome to the newly purposed blog. I hope you enjoy. But if you don't, that's ok, because it's really for me anyway.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Almost There

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have movement, I repeat we have movement.

Lock up your cupboards and put your shoes away, this baby is (finally) starting to get around.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teeth and Sleep

Sometime around Wednesday the 13th top center right tooth broke through. It has since caught up and perhaps surpassed both fang teeth. Top center left has been driving us all crazy for a couple of days, mostly Harmon. I assume it should break through any minute, since we have been able to see it for a week or two.

Also, Harmon slept 11 hour straight last night. And 8 hours the night before that. And 10 or 11 the night before that. The first time I didn't sleep much because I was still programmed to get up every hour or two, and had to make sure he wasn't dead. The last two nights have been successively better for me. I hope it lasts!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fang 2

One off from center top left is now broken into the mouth. That's right, two bottom center, and two top each one off center. Can't wait until they come down/up more. We shall call him fang.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today appeared another tooth. On the top. Not in the middle. One off the right center tooth. Is that weird or what? It seems top right center is probably coming soon. I hope his whole mouth is not all strangely skewed to the side. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of solids, trips, and teeth

Last Wednesday (4/15 for when I need to remember to write it in the baby book) Giant Long Bean's second tooth on the bottom left came back. That's right, it broke through, then went back under the gums again, so weird. But now it's coming out with a vengeance.

Today he ate the most solid thing he's ever had: a rice rusk which is really just a rice cracker that gets soggy quite quickly. Props to the baby mum mum company for making something so tasteless but yet enjoyable to use your teeth on. Harmon seems to enjoy the biting, a bit stressed by the soggy cracker, but swallows it just fine. Or maybe it just dissolved. Either way, no choking. Also this week he's had fresh mangoes and loved the taste but not so much the strange texture. Doesn't stop him though.

Long Bean hated his long car ride adventure to Montana, Idaho, Idaho, and home. Not true, he loved meeting all his cousins (except Jayde) and seeing Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles, but being restrained in the car for many hours is not his cup of tea. Can't say I blame him.

He is getting more proficient at giving "smoochies" and hugs to selected people. Aunt Lois was the recipient of a sweet hug, the day after he almost ate baby cousin Kenya-I mean kissed her. I will have to get some pictures of that put up. He will give me many slobbery kisses, and sometimes even grace Dad with a few.

His sleep is awful. I won't even go there, as I try to block it from my mind. But he continues to be the happiest kid, who I just adore more and more each day. Funny how that works.

Also I let a random lady who worked at Costco hold him. I figured he was so heavy I could totally catch her before she ran off with him. Plus she seemed trustworthy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Magic Mouth

He is way into blowing wet wet raspberries with his lips, sending spit everywhere. He thinks it's real funny.

He also now will give you a kiss 90% of the time when you tell him to give you a smoochy. And hugs. But sometimes he thinks that pulling mommy's hair is part of hugging. It's not.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Now Appearing in a Mouth Near You...

Tooth number two.

Bottom left.

Poking through today.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tiger Bear's Thumb

Lots of things I always mean to remember:

1. Long Bean thinks he is a tiger. Or maybe a bear. He growls like both. We mostly refer to him as tiger as the "Sorry Roger, you tiger now" commercial is one of our favorites. But when he puts on his furry bear suit for cold weather walks, he becomes a griz. And what is better about the suit is that Esther says he looked like a real bear from behind when I showed up carrying him in my arms last week.

2. Today he rediscovered his thumb, and told it he was sorry for neglecting it for several months.

3. In his exersaucer there is an arch on which you move beads back and forth. He has decided this use is stupid and instead pulls with all his might to get the arch to his mouth to chew on. It is not really bendy nor intended to move, but he makes it work.

4. He wakes up unbelieveably happy most mornings. He didn't get that from me. But he will smile and hit me in the face and pull my hair and giggle and have a grand old time. Makes waking up a lot easier for me when someone so sweet and cute is there smiling at you.

5. First tooth continues to make it's way through the gums. Tooth number two is fighting to get out as hard as it can.

6. I can hardly carry him in his carseat. I will soon have to discontinue use and get a wheelchair for my broken back.

7. Because Aaron has a beard/goatee off and on Harmon will never reach up and grab his face. Instead he will carefully put his hand out and rub it ever so gently on Aaron's chin or cheek. It is very cute looking. I on the other hand never have facial hair and so always get smacked by the not-so-sweet hand.

8. Every night when Aaron is putting PJs on, he and Harmon have a battle. I will often hear Aaron saying "good one" or "well played!" and "I'm victorious". I think Aaron wins every night because he always manages to get them on, but Harmon enjoys his little victories.

9. Harmon always wants what you have. (like every kid on the planet) If you have a tv remote and give it to him, he wants the other one you are holding. If you pull out a not in use keyboard for him to type on, he wants the real one. If you are talking on the phone, he thinks it's his. Why does every child on the planet know the difference between real and fake things? It's magical I tell you, and only going to get worse.

10. Along with all the growling Harmon does a lot of screeching. My screecher creature. Really high pitched, and often right before or after a low growl. He is really loving his own voice, and so far so are we.

There is more. But this is more than you wanted to read and it's late. But it's for me anyway, you just get to read if you want.

Sweet Potatoes

Tried them tonight. A bit too thick, added water to reduce gag factor. They weren't super flavorful and so were liked but not loved. Prunes reigns supreme.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Am I an awful mother because I desire for my child to remain immobile as long as possible? Aaron would have had Harmon crawling at two weeks. I hope for two years. Granted I won't be able to lift him soon, but whatever. I am quite possibly the worst house cleaner, most especially the vacuuming/moping. I have fears that either I will have to scrub them ASAP or let my child pick up lint balls and eat them like candy. Both are horrifying choices.

Anyway, Long Bean is now an inchworm, combining butt in the air/foot push off with army crawl arms to scoot himself forward. Aaron practically cried in joy. I guess I better get to babyproofing a lot sooner than I thought. :P :P :P :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Harmon spent all last night being in pain and waking up every hour or so. But then, lo and behold around noon today I peered into his mouth again and there was a tiny hole with a tiny bit of tooth sneaking it's way out. I would imagine there should be some poking out by morning tomorrow based on the fact that there was nothing except swolleness this morning. Needless to say, we all need a nap.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


March 3-5 Rice Cereal, enjoyment
March 6-11 Prunes, sour face, great love
March 12 Peas, unhappy face, but wanted more

And for those of you requesting to know Long Bean's status of feet: he found them a couple days ago and is a BIG fan.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roly Poly!

Although Long Bean did some rolling REAL early on accident, and then on purpose from front to back to get out of tummy time around valentine's day, today he just nonchalantly rolled from back to front like it was no big thing several times in a row. Aaron is giddy with delight. I worry about the long bean moving all over the house like a steamroller. He is now enjoying tummy time with great delight and sticking his butt up and kicking those legs to scoot forward. The end is near!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bedtime Routines

Long Bean really hates going to sleep. Just like his mom and most other kids on the planet. Normally it takes a lot of coaxing (read: milk) to make it happen. Some days he is on strike against naps. Lately he has been turning 180s in his little co-sleeper prior to holding still for the night, I suppose mom's breath smells bad or something. Tonight he got done having his last meal before bed and decided he wasn't tired. Normally when this happens he goes into his co-sleeper and is forced to entertain himself until he fusses when he is actually ready for me to come put him to sleep. Tonight he turned 180 and then babbled loudly for 20 minutes before giving me a stare down and promptly turning away and falling right to sleep. It was ultimately amazing, as this very rarely happens. Somedays I feel guilty about always having to put my kid to sleep, but then I remind myself that it's my kid and I don't have to let him "cry it out" as my pediatrician recommends. To each their own right?

Also my giant has been waking up more and more in the night. Last night I figured out it probably is because he is rolling back and forth and moving his legs straight up into the air and back down in practice for all the rolling he will one day do. Exercising in my sleep would probably wake me up a lot too.

Oh, and for those who are keeping tabs (me in the future when I can't remember) he has rolled over front to back about 3 times in the last week or two, but refuses to do so in front of parents, only when left unattended on his playmat.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long Bean's First Food

Although we let him suck on an apple slice a week or so ago, today he got to try tasty rice cereal. It was love at first sight. Please disregard my horrible voice.

It's Rough to be Long Bean

Sometimes your mom makes you do tummy time so you can roll over more often with stronger arms. And that is just no fun at all.

Your teeth are trying to come in, all four at once, and that makes you drool and ache like nobody's business.

And sometimes your mom tries to make you go back to sleep by patting your back instead of milk, and that is almost the worst.

But the hardest part about being Long Bean? You look like you are 8-9 months old. That's pretty neat, except when you get near other similar sized babies. Everyone starts to wonder why you are so slow, not crawling at all, not sitting alone, doing almost nothing that an 8 month old would do. It's ok Long Bean, we know that you aren't slow. Just giant.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Bean Turns 4 Months

Happy Birthday Long Bean!

Here are your stats:

Weight: 17lbs even! (75-90%)
Length: 27 1/4 inches (above 97%)
Head: 44 1/4 cm (90-95%)

To celebrate poor baby long bean got 3 shots and a vaccine to drink. He did not like it so much. Plus our nurse was not so fast at the shots like last time, so he had more time to scream and contemplate his pain before getting calmed down. But he is a brave long bean and decided to go sans pants for the car ride home to show off his war wounds.

In better celebration we intend to feed him some (yuck) delicious rice cereal tonight for the first time. I'm excited to see his reaction, as he has been eyeing our food and grabbing at it for sometime. Last week we had apple slices and let him go to town on one and he was overjoyed.

Aaron just said "maybe some people think he's so heavy because you feed him too much, but actually he's underweight compared to his height!"

Things Long Bean loves:
Rolling over once last week from front to back and never doing it again just to mess with his parents, milk, chomping on apple slices, waking up more in the night, growing teeth and chewing on everything, drooling, mommy or daddy's finger in his mouth to make sounds, himself in the mirror, tummy time (finally), cuddling, using the diaper wipes only once a week, turning himself around sideways, rubbing his feet on anything to get his socks off, laughing!!!, flirting, jumping, scratching mommy, other babies, singing, the noble duke of york song/game, kicking his legs straight up in the air all night long (maybe to practice for rolling over, maybe just to get the blanket off), being super tall and giant, being naked, baths!!!, trying to watch the tv, and one million other things. But that's what this blog is for, to remember them.

Anyway, welcome to Long Bean's new blog!