Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Bean Turns 4 Months

Happy Birthday Long Bean!

Here are your stats:

Weight: 17lbs even! (75-90%)
Length: 27 1/4 inches (above 97%)
Head: 44 1/4 cm (90-95%)

To celebrate poor baby long bean got 3 shots and a vaccine to drink. He did not like it so much. Plus our nurse was not so fast at the shots like last time, so he had more time to scream and contemplate his pain before getting calmed down. But he is a brave long bean and decided to go sans pants for the car ride home to show off his war wounds.

In better celebration we intend to feed him some (yuck) delicious rice cereal tonight for the first time. I'm excited to see his reaction, as he has been eyeing our food and grabbing at it for sometime. Last week we had apple slices and let him go to town on one and he was overjoyed.

Aaron just said "maybe some people think he's so heavy because you feed him too much, but actually he's underweight compared to his height!"

Things Long Bean loves:
Rolling over once last week from front to back and never doing it again just to mess with his parents, milk, chomping on apple slices, waking up more in the night, growing teeth and chewing on everything, drooling, mommy or daddy's finger in his mouth to make sounds, himself in the mirror, tummy time (finally), cuddling, using the diaper wipes only once a week, turning himself around sideways, rubbing his feet on anything to get his socks off, laughing!!!, flirting, jumping, scratching mommy, other babies, singing, the noble duke of york song/game, kicking his legs straight up in the air all night long (maybe to practice for rolling over, maybe just to get the blanket off), being super tall and giant, being naked, baths!!!, trying to watch the tv, and one million other things. But that's what this blog is for, to remember them.

Anyway, welcome to Long Bean's new blog!


  1. I love my baby! Uncle Caelin got shots too today, from the same nurse. Bad nurse!!! Love LongBean!!!

  2. He IS a big boy. I wonder what I will do when I have one of those. Jane was about 17lbs at her 1 year check up. She a light weight. Scott was 10lbs when he was born though, so I might end up eventually when a long bean of my own someday.


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