Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Rough to be Long Bean

Sometimes your mom makes you do tummy time so you can roll over more often with stronger arms. And that is just no fun at all.

Your teeth are trying to come in, all four at once, and that makes you drool and ache like nobody's business.

And sometimes your mom tries to make you go back to sleep by patting your back instead of milk, and that is almost the worst.

But the hardest part about being Long Bean? You look like you are 8-9 months old. That's pretty neat, except when you get near other similar sized babies. Everyone starts to wonder why you are so slow, not crawling at all, not sitting alone, doing almost nothing that an 8 month old would do. It's ok Long Bean, we know that you aren't slow. Just giant.

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  1. Dear Long Bean,
    I can tell you aren't really slow, despite being very long. I can tell by the facial expressions and ways you move, but then again I also have a baby the same age as you to compare. You are actually a little ahead of her physically, so don't feel bad. She's not rolling front to back yet, but did discover her toes today. She wonders if you've discovered yours yet and highly recommends it as they make a great toy - and you can't drop and lose them and they even wiggle!


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