Friday, March 27, 2009

Magic Mouth

He is way into blowing wet wet raspberries with his lips, sending spit everywhere. He thinks it's real funny.

He also now will give you a kiss 90% of the time when you tell him to give you a smoochy. And hugs. But sometimes he thinks that pulling mommy's hair is part of hugging. It's not.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Now Appearing in a Mouth Near You...

Tooth number two.

Bottom left.

Poking through today.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tiger Bear's Thumb

Lots of things I always mean to remember:

1. Long Bean thinks he is a tiger. Or maybe a bear. He growls like both. We mostly refer to him as tiger as the "Sorry Roger, you tiger now" commercial is one of our favorites. But when he puts on his furry bear suit for cold weather walks, he becomes a griz. And what is better about the suit is that Esther says he looked like a real bear from behind when I showed up carrying him in my arms last week.

2. Today he rediscovered his thumb, and told it he was sorry for neglecting it for several months.

3. In his exersaucer there is an arch on which you move beads back and forth. He has decided this use is stupid and instead pulls with all his might to get the arch to his mouth to chew on. It is not really bendy nor intended to move, but he makes it work.

4. He wakes up unbelieveably happy most mornings. He didn't get that from me. But he will smile and hit me in the face and pull my hair and giggle and have a grand old time. Makes waking up a lot easier for me when someone so sweet and cute is there smiling at you.

5. First tooth continues to make it's way through the gums. Tooth number two is fighting to get out as hard as it can.

6. I can hardly carry him in his carseat. I will soon have to discontinue use and get a wheelchair for my broken back.

7. Because Aaron has a beard/goatee off and on Harmon will never reach up and grab his face. Instead he will carefully put his hand out and rub it ever so gently on Aaron's chin or cheek. It is very cute looking. I on the other hand never have facial hair and so always get smacked by the not-so-sweet hand.

8. Every night when Aaron is putting PJs on, he and Harmon have a battle. I will often hear Aaron saying "good one" or "well played!" and "I'm victorious". I think Aaron wins every night because he always manages to get them on, but Harmon enjoys his little victories.

9. Harmon always wants what you have. (like every kid on the planet) If you have a tv remote and give it to him, he wants the other one you are holding. If you pull out a not in use keyboard for him to type on, he wants the real one. If you are talking on the phone, he thinks it's his. Why does every child on the planet know the difference between real and fake things? It's magical I tell you, and only going to get worse.

10. Along with all the growling Harmon does a lot of screeching. My screecher creature. Really high pitched, and often right before or after a low growl. He is really loving his own voice, and so far so are we.

There is more. But this is more than you wanted to read and it's late. But it's for me anyway, you just get to read if you want.

Sweet Potatoes

Tried them tonight. A bit too thick, added water to reduce gag factor. They weren't super flavorful and so were liked but not loved. Prunes reigns supreme.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Am I an awful mother because I desire for my child to remain immobile as long as possible? Aaron would have had Harmon crawling at two weeks. I hope for two years. Granted I won't be able to lift him soon, but whatever. I am quite possibly the worst house cleaner, most especially the vacuuming/moping. I have fears that either I will have to scrub them ASAP or let my child pick up lint balls and eat them like candy. Both are horrifying choices.

Anyway, Long Bean is now an inchworm, combining butt in the air/foot push off with army crawl arms to scoot himself forward. Aaron practically cried in joy. I guess I better get to babyproofing a lot sooner than I thought. :P :P :P :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Harmon spent all last night being in pain and waking up every hour or so. But then, lo and behold around noon today I peered into his mouth again and there was a tiny hole with a tiny bit of tooth sneaking it's way out. I would imagine there should be some poking out by morning tomorrow based on the fact that there was nothing except swolleness this morning. Needless to say, we all need a nap.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


March 3-5 Rice Cereal, enjoyment
March 6-11 Prunes, sour face, great love
March 12 Peas, unhappy face, but wanted more

And for those of you requesting to know Long Bean's status of feet: he found them a couple days ago and is a BIG fan.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roly Poly!

Although Long Bean did some rolling REAL early on accident, and then on purpose from front to back to get out of tummy time around valentine's day, today he just nonchalantly rolled from back to front like it was no big thing several times in a row. Aaron is giddy with delight. I worry about the long bean moving all over the house like a steamroller. He is now enjoying tummy time with great delight and sticking his butt up and kicking those legs to scoot forward. The end is near!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bedtime Routines

Long Bean really hates going to sleep. Just like his mom and most other kids on the planet. Normally it takes a lot of coaxing (read: milk) to make it happen. Some days he is on strike against naps. Lately he has been turning 180s in his little co-sleeper prior to holding still for the night, I suppose mom's breath smells bad or something. Tonight he got done having his last meal before bed and decided he wasn't tired. Normally when this happens he goes into his co-sleeper and is forced to entertain himself until he fusses when he is actually ready for me to come put him to sleep. Tonight he turned 180 and then babbled loudly for 20 minutes before giving me a stare down and promptly turning away and falling right to sleep. It was ultimately amazing, as this very rarely happens. Somedays I feel guilty about always having to put my kid to sleep, but then I remind myself that it's my kid and I don't have to let him "cry it out" as my pediatrician recommends. To each their own right?

Also my giant has been waking up more and more in the night. Last night I figured out it probably is because he is rolling back and forth and moving his legs straight up into the air and back down in practice for all the rolling he will one day do. Exercising in my sleep would probably wake me up a lot too.

Oh, and for those who are keeping tabs (me in the future when I can't remember) he has rolled over front to back about 3 times in the last week or two, but refuses to do so in front of parents, only when left unattended on his playmat.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long Bean's First Food

Although we let him suck on an apple slice a week or so ago, today he got to try tasty rice cereal. It was love at first sight. Please disregard my horrible voice.

It's Rough to be Long Bean

Sometimes your mom makes you do tummy time so you can roll over more often with stronger arms. And that is just no fun at all.

Your teeth are trying to come in, all four at once, and that makes you drool and ache like nobody's business.

And sometimes your mom tries to make you go back to sleep by patting your back instead of milk, and that is almost the worst.

But the hardest part about being Long Bean? You look like you are 8-9 months old. That's pretty neat, except when you get near other similar sized babies. Everyone starts to wonder why you are so slow, not crawling at all, not sitting alone, doing almost nothing that an 8 month old would do. It's ok Long Bean, we know that you aren't slow. Just giant.