Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maybe Naked is Not Best

Yesterday we spent time at grandmas to use her AC and pool. It was lovely. Harmon spent some time naked in the pool and once just before thought it was a good idea to pee all over Aaron. Then after getting out, he thought it was a good idea to pee on me. Lastly the night before last we had him naked after swimming in our baby pool in the yard waiting to take a bath. We had blankets down just in case. In case happened. You would think that we would learn that naked H = getting peed on.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Words...Sort of...

Current words Harmon can say when he feels like it:

Bye bye
Khhhh (kick)
Baba (banana or any sweet fruit)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kickity Kick Kick

Harmon's new favorite game seems to be kicking the ball. He will even say "kkkkkkk" when you play it with him. If you bring him to the ball he will move his feet around until he makes contact, but his favorite is when you swing him by the arms to do a monster kick across the room.

Meanwhile little sister is kicking the inside of my belly. Her 3cm feet aren't hurting me... yet.

Monday, July 20, 2009

For Aaron

You wanted to remember this for when Harmon is a teenager and driving you crazy:

H taking a bath in very little water, splashing thinking he was swimming all by himself, and army crawling around, managing to stick his finger in the little hook and pull up the drain plug. His infectious laughter, his big grin, and of course his sweet sweet mullet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Poo Chair

*Gross story alert*

So Harmon has this exersaucer toy that he has never spent much time in. He used to love it when he was first introduced, but as he got bigger he seemed to want to get out as soon as he got in. But for almost the entire time of it's use, he will be in it for a few minutes then decide to get his business done (maybe in a ploy to get free quicker?) So we lovingly say we are going to put him in his poo chair.

Today after lunch Aaron changed Harmon's wet diaper and put him in the poo chair. Not to poo, just to be entertained for a few minutes. A very short few minutes later I turned to Aaron and complained about the smell. He looked over at Harmon, said "OHHHHHHHHHHH!" and even though I was thinking he was complaining about the stinking, I looked at Harmon too.

Poo everywhere. All over his feet, the bottom part of the exersaucer, legs, etc. He was dancing in his own poo (and looked quite content). We screamed and laughed and then into the bath for Harmon and into the front yard for a hosing and lysoling for the exersaucer.

Did I mention how there was poo ALL OVER but NONE on his onesie, and only a bit on his pants? Aaron claims exemption from changing any more diapers based on the fact that he had just put one on (quite poorly) and there was poo everywhere as a result. Sadly for him he is not so lucky. But he will be sure to make those diapers tighter next time.

Good work Harmon for your second explosion of your life, the first right after you were born. And good job poo chair, you really earned your name today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harmon Loves

-playing with paper. especially ripping it. junk mail days are his favorite.
-screeching like a loud loud eagle.
-making snake sssssss noises.
-turning on and off the dimmer light switches. regular ones confuse him.
-chewing on the binky he's never liked to suck on.
-blueberries, cherries, strawberries, brown rice cooked in chicken broth, roast beef sandwiches, string cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, multi-grain cheerios, bread, spaghetti with red sauce, graham crackers, anything his parents have in their hands.
-knocking over block towers.
-army crawling for pens or cherries.
-holding the bumble ball on his belly so it shakes him violently.
-going for walks with dad.
-touching plants.
-dogs. especially when they lick his hands, he laughs a lot. sick.
-bathing, swimming.
-brushing his teeth.
-uncle C.
-not sleeping.

Before I forget, Another tooth

Tooth number seven appeared on (early) Saturday morning. It's the one on the bottom one left of center. It has been bugging Harmon (all of us!) for a long while, we all rejoiced it's arrival.

For the baby book: the date was 7/11/09
(like this will ever make it to the baby book. so funny.)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learning to share

Ok, so I suppose since Harmon didn't really know he had a blog, he won't be slighted by the fact that I have already decided to give half of it away to his unborn baby sibling. I just figured that since I am days away from being halfway pregnant, and days away from knowing ALF's gender, I should overtake this blog and turn it into a real mommy blog. That means I not only get to brag about how amazing I think Harmon is, but I can complain about ALF making me uncomfortable and preventing me from sleeping on my stomach and back because ALF is already so stinkin heavy feeling in there.

So, welcome to the newly purposed blog. I hope you enjoy. But if you don't, that's ok, because it's really for me anyway.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Almost There

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have movement, I repeat we have movement.

Lock up your cupboards and put your shoes away, this baby is (finally) starting to get around.