Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Poo Chair

*Gross story alert*

So Harmon has this exersaucer toy that he has never spent much time in. He used to love it when he was first introduced, but as he got bigger he seemed to want to get out as soon as he got in. But for almost the entire time of it's use, he will be in it for a few minutes then decide to get his business done (maybe in a ploy to get free quicker?) So we lovingly say we are going to put him in his poo chair.

Today after lunch Aaron changed Harmon's wet diaper and put him in the poo chair. Not to poo, just to be entertained for a few minutes. A very short few minutes later I turned to Aaron and complained about the smell. He looked over at Harmon, said "OHHHHHHHHHHH!" and even though I was thinking he was complaining about the stinking, I looked at Harmon too.

Poo everywhere. All over his feet, the bottom part of the exersaucer, legs, etc. He was dancing in his own poo (and looked quite content). We screamed and laughed and then into the bath for Harmon and into the front yard for a hosing and lysoling for the exersaucer.

Did I mention how there was poo ALL OVER but NONE on his onesie, and only a bit on his pants? Aaron claims exemption from changing any more diapers based on the fact that he had just put one on (quite poorly) and there was poo everywhere as a result. Sadly for him he is not so lucky. But he will be sure to make those diapers tighter next time.

Good work Harmon for your second explosion of your life, the first right after you were born. And good job poo chair, you really earned your name today.


  1. This EXACT same thing has happened with Miles on at least three occasions. I the sitting is conducive to pooping, but how on earth does all the poop miss the onsie? once, it even missed the diaper.

  2. LOL. That is so hilarious. The Poo Chair really lived up to it's name.

  3. For Leah it's her Bumbo chair. Good times.


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