Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long Bean's First Food

Although we let him suck on an apple slice a week or so ago, today he got to try tasty rice cereal. It was love at first sight. Please disregard my horrible voice.

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  1. Grandma (my sister-in-law) had to brag and tell me about this site, you are tooooo cute. Cousin Henry gave you a run for your money. He only started out at 10# 5oz and 21 inches. But by your age he was 26 lbs! I can't remember how long he was but Mr Long Bean you have him beat there! I was so afraid that he was going to be an Umpa Lumpa before he was one but he did slow down and actually didn't even look so chubby by the time he was two. love Aunt Danelle

    PS good luck with those teeth, should we tell mommy that you're going to be excitedly pulling on them in 5-6 years so the tooth fairy can visit you? ... naaa shh it'll be our secret!


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