Monday, March 16, 2009


Am I an awful mother because I desire for my child to remain immobile as long as possible? Aaron would have had Harmon crawling at two weeks. I hope for two years. Granted I won't be able to lift him soon, but whatever. I am quite possibly the worst house cleaner, most especially the vacuuming/moping. I have fears that either I will have to scrub them ASAP or let my child pick up lint balls and eat them like candy. Both are horrifying choices.

Anyway, Long Bean is now an inchworm, combining butt in the air/foot push off with army crawl arms to scoot himself forward. Aaron practically cried in joy. I guess I better get to babyproofing a lot sooner than I thought. :P :P :P :)

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  1. lol. no. its funny. an ex-fiance of mine and I got a puppy at 8 weeks old. He was so excited for this puppy to be able to teach it fetch, and to swim and all this stuff. The look on his face when we picked him up at the airport about how TINY he was and couldn't do much of any of those things yet was pretty priceless. Men like the "play-with-me-fun-stuff", women like the 'snuggle-baby-time". So, no, you're not terrible. I am going to feel the same way. Babies grow too fast!


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