Monday, October 26, 2009

A Morning to Remember

Sunday morning Harmon was still sleeping at 9am. This is unheard of. Of course he did wake up around 6:30 and come to our bed, but he showed no signs of waking thereafter. Lois, Robert, and Kenya were about to leave, so Aaron and I got up to say goodbye, leaving Harmon in our bed to continue his luxurious sleep. We were all sitting or standing around chatting quietly when all of a sudden we hear a high "uhhh?" which really means "hello, I am awake, please come retrieve me!". The unusual part was that it was much louder and less muffled than it should have been, and when Robert looked down the hall he saw Harmon who had managed to get down off the bed without a thud or crying (oh, my safety instructions are working!) open the mostly closed door, and was crawling into the hall. We all had a good laugh, and I wanted to write it down just so I don't forget how funny it was to us.

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