Monday, October 26, 2009

What H is up to this month.

At a year old here is what he is up to:

-Not walking (which is fine by me!)
-Destroying everything with a smile on his face
-Eating everything
-Fighting mom about naps
-Playing with his M&M tin, snapping it together and asking to have it taken apart repeatedly
-Pushing cars around
-Climbing on things
-Growing more painful teeth at the same time
-Playing with the parachute
-Kissing the baby in my belly
-Beating the drum (his tummy)
-Saying "cah" with a grunt for car, "cah" high pitched for birds (like all the crows around here)
-Loving "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus" still, and saying "back" the page before the driver comes back
-Loving reading all books
-Loving the bath, especially squirting toys
-Trying to escape to the outside, or persuading Dad to take him
-Checking the mail
-Ripping paper into very tiny pieces, then making sure Mom is watching then shoving it in his mouth

And some other things. That I may or may not add when I remember them.

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  1. Aaron adds: "don't forget he loves 'Cowboy & Octopus' and 'Go Dogs Go' too!"


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