Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black Tooth Spot

Yesterday morning I noticed a black spot on Harmon's bottom middle tooth/in the gums. I didn't get a good look at it at first, and assumed it was just food or something. Later Aaron and I pinned him down and took a better look. A weird black spot in his gums right below the tooth. Surely it wasn't rot, because we brush right?

There was the possiblity of damage from the day before when he fell on his face and split his lip (not badly, just enough to notice but not bleed. Face plants are pretty common these days.) Aaron and I freaked out at this possibility, and vowed to watch it for a bit then take him to the dentist. Maybe it was just a blood blister from the fall?

Then even later we pinned him down again and I massaged his gums and it came out! I thought perhaps it was pepper from the corn on the cob Harmon was eating the night before, but Aaron claims it was too big. That's still my best guess.

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