Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Harmon seems pretty set on trying to bust his face open this week. Sunday just before church started he was crawling around on the floor and suddenly started crying and looked up and blood was spewing from his mouth. I whisked him off to the kitchen where I rinsed his mouth. He had a nice fat lip and a big cut on the gums right above his two front teeth. He stopped crying pretty quick, but Aaron and I were pretty traumatized. Especially since he kept re-opening it all through church. It looked better later in the day and we decided we'd just keep an eye on it and if it looked bad then we would go to the dentist. It seemed to be healing fine.

This morning he was playing like usual, crawling around, pulling up (successfully) on everything, until he got cocky and was carelessly pulling himself up on the coffee table. It's usually so easy and it seemed he thought he could just use one hand. Turns out he slipped and crashed his face right into the coffee table. Top front teeth. Again. Blood. Again. Lots. Parental freak out, as the crying was pretty intense. After a mouth rinse and a calm down we looked and he has a scab/blood blister under his top two left teeth. It's pretty big. So again we begin to watch it, and maybe go to the dentist. Ugh.

For some reason babies breaking their teeth out of their head is one of my biggest fears. You know, arms heal, bumps and bruises are fine, but teeth seem to be hard to fix. So I'm nervous, but I'm sure we will get it worked out...

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