Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the Womb

Having babies so close together gives me the distinct pleasure of comparing the two with a moderately fresh memory. I have been thinking lately about how different Harmon and Baby Niña have been while living on the inside. So here are a few notes for my sake on the difference between the two.

-Sick: made me barf, nausea, real tired
-Food: starving, if I didn't eat = throw up, woke up in the night every night to eat, voracious appetite
-Movement: Active, feet placed in upper right rib cage, constantly pushing. You pushed on them, they pushed you right back. A sign of things to come? Surely it was.
-Carrying: Huge. Heavy. Wide. Heavy. Stretch marks on the sides. Ugh.
-Lateness: Very tardy. Two weeks late. Liked what I called "The Oreo Pipeline"

Baby Niña:
-Sick: somewhat nauseous, real tired, but not as tired as H
-Food: it's ok. I'm not starving like last time.
-Movement: Not as active. She was more gentle, but as of late has taken to shoving her butt up in my upper right rib cage. Apparently my upper right rib cage is an awesome place to be. She doesn't fight back, which I am assuming means she will be way more stubborn/into doing her own thing than her brother is willful/likes to do the opposite of what you say.
-Carrying: Moderately huge. Much more out in front. 5 lbs lighter than with Harmon.
-Lateness: who knows when she is supposed to come out. She must be hooked on "The Hot Chocolate IV"

I'm sure there is more, but that's all I remember for the moment.

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