Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teeth and Trouble

Warning, this post will be boring to you, but good for my record keeping.

11/19: Tooth #9 top left molar

11/20 email to Aaron:
1. Climbed on top of his train to reach the VCR
2. Climbed on top of his two chairs and then layed on them
3. Went down for a nap but then I heard the curtain being pulled
open. Crib moved sides of room.
4. Currently is in the kitchen pulling the clean cookie pans I just
put away out.
5. Gotta go, I hear the candy drawer.

11/29: Tooth #10 top right molar

Words he loves to say:
-gobble gobble (semi-intelligible)
-go (go go!)
-animal noises:
dog: wow wow wow
monkey: ooh ooh ahh
dinosaur: raaaaaaaaah
owl: who who
turkey: gobble gobble
elephant: bwooo
duck: quack quack
sea lion/otter/whatever: ar ar ar
bird: ca cah

Toys he loves: hippo car, dinosaur, balls, cars, books, boats in bath, block towers

Clapping, patty-cake, twinkle twinkle little star hand motion, tub splashing and swimming, wrestling/pillow-fighting Aaron

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