Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of solids, trips, and teeth

Last Wednesday (4/15 for when I need to remember to write it in the baby book) Giant Long Bean's second tooth on the bottom left came back. That's right, it broke through, then went back under the gums again, so weird. But now it's coming out with a vengeance.

Today he ate the most solid thing he's ever had: a rice rusk which is really just a rice cracker that gets soggy quite quickly. Props to the baby mum mum company for making something so tasteless but yet enjoyable to use your teeth on. Harmon seems to enjoy the biting, a bit stressed by the soggy cracker, but swallows it just fine. Or maybe it just dissolved. Either way, no choking. Also this week he's had fresh mangoes and loved the taste but not so much the strange texture. Doesn't stop him though.

Long Bean hated his long car ride adventure to Montana, Idaho, Idaho, and home. Not true, he loved meeting all his cousins (except Jayde) and seeing Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles, but being restrained in the car for many hours is not his cup of tea. Can't say I blame him.

He is getting more proficient at giving "smoochies" and hugs to selected people. Aunt Lois was the recipient of a sweet hug, the day after he almost ate baby cousin Kenya-I mean kissed her. I will have to get some pictures of that put up. He will give me many slobbery kisses, and sometimes even grace Dad with a few.

His sleep is awful. I won't even go there, as I try to block it from my mind. But he continues to be the happiest kid, who I just adore more and more each day. Funny how that works.

Also I let a random lady who worked at Costco hold him. I figured he was so heavy I could totally catch her before she ran off with him. Plus she seemed trustworthy.

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