Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tooth #8 for Sammy: bottom right of center finally came in on Sunday. Maybe now we can have a break?

Harmon's top 2-year-old molars were found to be mostly in. Maybe someday he will stop drooling. He went to the dentist yesterday who assured me that his teeth are ok despite the few serious mouth bashings. I hope he is right.

Harmon continues to fight going to sleep on his own in his bed. It takes a ridiculous 45min to put him to bed. Sammy goes to sleep pretty well but is still waking up every 2-3 hours. Except when cutting teeth. Then it's every 45min.

Sammy is frustrated because she can't walk. Instead of practicing her crawling, she gets up on hands and feet and lifts a hand trying to stand up. This often ends up in a face plant and tears. Other times she will just squawk because she can't quite pull up on the furniture yet. Favorite activity? (Barely) holding your fingers and walking around.

Both kids love outside to the infinite power. And daddy.

Sammy is eating lots and lots of foods and Harmon is obsessed with pretzels and milk.

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