Monday, August 2, 2010

teeth, beds, potty, etc.

Sammy tooth #4 yesterday, top center right. That makes three for the bottom and one for the top. Real funny. Today she is crawling like a champ, which is bad because I am far too tired to chase her/keep her safe. She still loves to kick her feet and be held facing forward and charm everyone with giant smiles.

Harmon has been using the potty since we went to Montana last week. Awesome. Bribery of popsicles and marshmallows is working pretty good. He is also sleeping in a toddler bed, which works pretty well, except at 6am when he comes running out shouting "play cars!!!" Speaking of speaking, he is a chatterbox who is putting together a lot of words, often using 3 word sentences.

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  1. What about her waving!?!? You have to blog that because that shows she is "HIGHLY ADVANCED"!! :) Plus, it's adorable.


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