Thursday, August 1, 2013

Allison 8 months

Tooth #1: bottom lower left 7/27/13
Tooth #2: bottom lower right 8/1/13

Allison is crazy.  She crawls like a manic, bounces all over the place, pulls up on everything, and cruises on the furniture.  Her record of standing alone is 7 seconds, and she is getting better every day.  Because this is my third child I obviously think it is awful. :)  She also spends a lot of time on her knees bouncing.  Especially to make her siblings laugh.

Allison is soooooooooo ridiculously happy.  She is smiley, laughs easily, and loves to make eye contact and smile at anyone she can.  Harmon and Sammy adore her, and treat her a little too rough with love.  Now that she is into everything they also find her a little bit annoying at times (like when she destroys their legos, etc.)

Her favorite toy is her tiny baby doll she got for Easter.  She will grab it, shake it/slam it on her lap, attack/eat it's head, chew on it's feet.  When you ask her to show you her baby she will gladly shake it for you while saying "dadadadada!"  She also loves picking up tiny things off the floor and trying to eat them.

She eats pretty  much everything.  Her favorites are watermelon, bread, and anything on your plate or the floor.  Ok, and ice cream.

She squeals a lot, and babbles dada and mama, but doesn't call us that.  Most things are usually dadadada.

She is a terrible sleeper but getting better.  She thinks the 5 o clock hour is a great hour to be awake.  I disagree.

We adore our baby girl!

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