Thursday, June 17, 2010


1. Sammy's hands are so soft. She has always loved to hold hands (or fingers) and now she likes to rub my hand or arm while being fed.

2. Harmon likes to say loudly/yell "TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!!!" when he desires a fruit snack.

3. Harmon likes to play in all of Sammy's toys and say "goo goo gah gah"

4. Harmon is speaking like crazy, sometimes using two or three words together.

5. Harmon begs/demands toys and treats by using the lethal combination of "share pleeeeeease!" "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee treattttttttt!" "tryyyyy!!!!!" "tradeeeeeee!"

6. Sammy was growling a lot (at things she liked) then stopped, but has started again.

7. Sammy LOVES herself in the mirror and giggles with extreme delight. Quite taken with herself.

8. Sammy is an ultimate grabber of everything, especially food. She doesn't love mushy foods near as much as she likes super solids like bread and crackers.

9. Both kids can fall asleep in a room together when Harmon wakes Sammy up when he goes to bed.

10. Harmon climbs on the many tables in our front room and yells "SIT DOWN!" in either a super high or growly voice. I promise it is nothing like I say it to him at all.

11. Every night before going to bed Sammy gets kisses from everyone including Harmon who seems quite taken with her.

12. Harmon is obsessed with all construction vehicles. Actually all vehicles. But especially diggers and dump trucks and fire trucks and buses. Ok, all vehicles.

13. Sammy loves peek-a-boo with blankets.

14. Harmon loves a new wooden puzzle and mastered it within 10 minutes (when I thought I was going to be saving the second one for his birthday in 4 months) but played with it for hours anyway, doing it over and over and playing with the pieces.

15. Both kids love being outside. Ridiculously much. And bathing.

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