Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't worry, I'll get it

I was in the front changing Sammy's diaper when I heard Harmon messing around in the kitchen. We had just read The Great Cookie Thief and he was in there saying "cookie cookie" and I figured there wasn't much out he could get into. At least no cookies. I finally get up to see what he is up to (it's too quiet) and he is gnawing on the loaf of homemade bread, saran wrap strewn across the floor. I suppose he didn't want what we tried to feed him and thought he'd make his own breakfast. Silly.

In other news Sammy loves her toes and sticking out her tongue. And Harmon loves climbing into Sammy's crib. Luckily he hasn't realized that this skill could translate into escaping from his. Yet.

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