Monday, January 4, 2010

Tooth, Words, Weight, etc.

8 days old: 8lbs 11oz
15 days old: 9lbs 1oz, 21.75inches, 36.something cm head

Tooth #12: 12/29/09
who is it (slurred)
table (tah)
star (does hand gesture too)
moon (and points)
puh (airplane with pointing, or apple)

Today when I gave him crackers he turned to me and said "thanks!" Normally I will tell him "say thanks to daddy" when he is getting fed, and he will, but this was the first time unprodded. He also has been playing "telephone" where he will either use his hand or his toy phone and hold it up to his ear and say "hello?" Lately he will tell you who he is talking to "momo!" but today he said "hello? whoisit? mamama!" while playing with Aaron.

A new favorite: What does the baby say? "wahwahwah" What should we do with baby sister Harmon, keep her? "nah" Give her away?!?!? "yeah!" (he's still coming around)

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